Top 3 deep sea fishing tips

Saltwater angling is nothing like fishing for hobby. There are a few things every angler must know.

  • Keep the gear clean: Most fishing gear is made up corrosion resistant material. They are also sturdy components that have a lengthy lifetime. To ensure their lifetime remains that long. you need to take care of it. Before the fishing season, take your gear to local tackle shops for service. Replace the rusty hooks and rings. Rinse off your tackle with fresh water after the fishing season. Store them in dark, cold place when not in use. Mono fishing lines needs to be replaced after a year. Braided lines may last a few years depending on maintenance.
  • Catch it cleanly: Caring for your catch is crucial to your fishing. If you are going to release it, handle it with wet gloves. Support its body when picking the fishing up. If you want to revive a fish, holding melting ice.. Clean it as soon as you reach the shore. The meat can last long in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can vacuum seal the fish and store it in freezer. It can last more than a couple of months.
  • Use heavy tackles: Use tackles that’s heavy enough to handle the fish. Consider the fish you want to catch. Drag on the wheel to adjust the tension. Do it till the scale reads one-third of the breaking strength. When the fish runs, let the drag do its work. When it stops, crank the wheel to keep pressure on the line. Always try to keep the rod tip up. Do not pump faster than you can handle the line. Use a net to scoop up the fish, when it’s close to the boat.
  • Master circle hooks: Circle hooks are designed for one simple purpose. They hook a fish at the corner of its mouth. The idea is to avoid damaging the internal organs. When a fish takes the bait, apply pressure. Steadily crank the rear handle to maintain the pressure. Pull back on the rod till the hook lodges in fish’s jaw. To bait a circle hook, pass it through a section of the bait. Leave most part of the hook exposed. You need all the trapping space you can get. That’s required when you are going deep sea.
  • Know the weather: Offshore fishing may involve harshest of weather. More than how you need to combat/survive it, there are other reactions too. Changes in weather impacts how fish behaves. Moreover rough weather can give you such a hard time. You need to know it like back of your hand. Get access to weather reports and live updates before you go fishing. Get information from more than one source. While you are off the shore, learn to predict. Take cues from how the fish behaves. Stay alert to incoming storm.

Consider these things as a list of Do’s in sea angling in Ireland or anywhere in United Kingdom.

We will come up with a list of dos and don’’ts of sea angling very soon.

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